Tyler Property Management


One of the great myths that surrounds real estate investment is that it is ‘passive’ income. And it’s true that when you have an occupied unit, with a tenant who pays rent on time, and no maintenance items to address, it is nice to see that check come in the mail each month. But as anyone who has owned or managed real estate before knows, the rest of the times it feels a whole lot like work!

In today’s world where expectations are high, time is of the essence, and the legalese is ever trickier, it is important that you trust what is likely your most valuable asset to an expert. At RealEdge Real Estate we offer comprehensive management services, and have a growing portfolio of occupied units and happy landlords who rely on us to make sure they are protected. From screening tenants, leasing, routine and emergency maintenance, to accounting and profit and loss, we’ve got you covered.


Part of what being a full service brokerage means is that we offer leasing and management services as an integral part of our business. The reality is that because many agencies view leasing services as a less lucrative aspect of their real estate practice, the attention to detail and level of care tends to disappear.

At RealEdge we realize that there are times when purchasing a home is not part of our client’s short term goals for housing, but that does not make them less valuable people or clients. That is why we pride ourselves in leasing services. Whether it is helping prospective tenants find and secure rentals, assisting with applications and lease terms, or helping out getting utilities activated and move-in secured, we’ve learned from experience that when we provide excellent service to our tenants it is the foundation for a long term business relationship.

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